Only 20% of a great Tattoo is up to the Artist, the rest is up to you!
I want you to have a long lasting vibrant tattoo for years and years, so here are a few tips to help your tattoo look it’s best.

A tattoo normally takes 7-10 days to heal. If you follow my suggestions below, your new tattoo will heal properly. YES, a tattoo is an “open wound” and subject to the possibility of infection. To help prevent infection, leave your bandage on for 1.5-3 hours. This allows the traumatized skin to heal and the (plasma fluid and blood) to stop flowing. Do not leave the bandage on more than 3 hours!

For best results, wash your new tattoo 3-4 times a day following the method below:

Step 1: Wash your hands to remove any excess bacteria before cleaning your new tattoo, every time.

Step 2: Gently clean your new tattoo well with NON scented anti-bacterial soap, 3-4 times a day for the first week. Remove the excess ink, dried fluid, and any ointment that was applied. Gently blot dry the tattooed area with a clean towel, do not wipe.

Step 3: After each washing, apply a small amount of A&D Ointment to the tattoo and massage into skin. You can also add A&D ointment between washing’s as needed.

Step 4: Wash hands again after applying ointment, every time.

For the first week of care, use ONLY A&D ointment, NO CREAMS OR LOTIONS.

After the first week, reduce washings down to 1-2 times daily and apply Aquaphor or Curel Lotion after and between each washing, until the tattoo is done pealing. It should peal like a sunburn, do not pick the dead skin a way, let it slough off naturally.

For extra protection from outside elements cover your tattoo with an extra layer of loose clothing for the first week.

NEVER use scented soap or lotion it will sting and irritate the tattoo.

Until Completely Healed:
Do not submerge your tattoo in water. No hot tubs or swimming. Avoid direct sunlight and tanning.
During the healing process the tattoo may itch, DO NOT SCRATCH IT!

If you wake up and your tattoo is stuck to your clothing or bed sheets, wet the area FIRST then remove, as not to pull pigment from the skin.

If any signs of infection occur, inform your artist and contact a medical professional immediately. Some signs of infection are: pain, redness, swelling, rashes or pimples, puss or discharge.


A&D Ointment
If Ointment burns or stings when first applied or if it starts to scab immediately and starts to fall out.
What to do
Wash the area immediately and apply Aquaphor. Contact your artist and follow their instructions, if symptoms worsen contact a medical professional.

Everyone reacts differently to pigment. However, the most common signs of rejection or allergies may be immediate color loss, hardening of the skin, swelling with pain, oozing of pigment or immediate scabbing. The most common allergy prone or rejected pigments are Red, White, Blue and sometimes purple.
What to do
Contact your artist and follow their instructions, if symptoms worsen contact a medical professional.